About Me

A Proud Democrat

That’s me talking to my friends at North Pinellas County Democratic Club.     I’m really proud to be the founding President of the Club and I currently serve as a board member.   We’re a hard-working, progressive, activist organization fighting  for a better American future.  We’re active in voter registration, training, leadership development and local organizing.    Please join us at our next meeting!

Mathew Thomas speaking

My Faith

I’ve been an active member at First United Methodist Clearwater for many years.  My faith teaches me that we all have a moral obligation to lift those in need.    I’m proud to stand with this group of “troublemakers” as we recently raised $3,200.00 in a benefit concert for the amazing Homeless Empowerment Program of Clearwater.

H.E.P. helps hundreds of homeless people in our community each year in their journey to self-sufficiency.   The people served by H.E.P. include families, children and veterans.   F.U.M.C. and H.E.P. are at the forefront in the fight for social and economic justice in our community.

A Real Progressive

That’s me organizing a sign waving for Bernie Sanders in Palm Harbor.   I created and organized the North Pinellas for Bernie Sanders Facebook group and put together various fundraising and awareness events locally.

I supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary because I strongly believe in Progressive values.  I believe in single payer, universal health care.   I believe we must respond to climate change and environmental problems as the number one threat to humanity.   I believe in a basic living wage.  I believe we must reverse Citizens United and get corporate money out of our political process.  I believe we must strengthen and expand Medicare and Medicaid.   I believe we must provide free college tuition for those who qualify in order to create a competitive economy.   I believe income inequality is destroying our economy.  I believe we must reinstate Glass-Steagall and end “too-big-to-fail” banks.


This is my amazing wife, Jennifer.   We met in the 7th grade and we took this picture on our 17th wedding anniversary last December.   I’m a really lucky guy.


This is our son, Adam, running a bake sale to raise money for Suncoast Animal League.   He’s an activist in the making (not to mention an excellent baker)!


In my Community

As a software engineer for a Silicon Valley company, I serve as a volunteer mentor with Pinellas County Schools and the Pinellas Education Foundation Next Generation Tech program. NGT is an amazing program and I’m proud to be a part of it.

My Career

I’m not a politician, I’m a software engineer.    I work for Malwarebytes as a Principal Software Architect where I lead a global team of software engineers in the fight against cyber crime.   My team and I build cloud computing software systems to fight the latest computer malware, viruses, ransom-ware and other crime-ware.    For nearly fifteen years my career in software has focused on creating software that protects people and business from computer malware.   In addition, I also worked for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington as well as Sunbelt Software and ThreatTrack Security.

As an experienced software professional, I’m proud to have hired and developed world-class software engineering teams right here in Pinellas county.    These are the kinds of jobs and industry we need to develop in District 12!

Lastly, I have a degree in Mathematics from Texas Tech University and I’ve been a software engineer for over 20 years.